WorldWide101 Review: A Place to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant Jobs at WorldWide101

WorldWide101 is a company that often posts virtual assistant jobs for their clients. If you’re interested in working for them, check out the brief WorldWide101 review I’ve written below.

What is working for WorldWide101 like?

So far, everything I’ve read about working there is positive. They provide a great deal of training, and the support staff is top-notch.

If you are hired, you will be assigned to different clients depending on your skill set and background. There is no tracking down and hunting for your own clients, which is nice if you don’t have the time or resources to do so. It provides some semblance of stability for both you and your clients, unlike at FancyHands where the work is task-based and can be started and finished by more than one person.

If you want to read about some first-hand experiences working for WorldWide101,  6 out of 6 people rate it as a 5-star experience on Glassdoor. Read the reviews here, if you like.

What is the pay?

You are paid an hourly rate, and you either work part or full time depending on your availability. The pay is anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour, based on your experience. Note that pay is made once a month via Paypal.

You are a contractor, and you are responsible for your own taxes. If you make more than $600 in a year, you’ll get a 1099 form.

What are the job requirements?

  • 3 to 5 years of administrative experience
  • Fluency in spoken and written English, most especially business English
  • A can-do attitude and a proactive outlook
  • Advanced knowledge of the Internet and a solid understanding of cloud-based technologies
  • An advanced skill set within your professional industry
  • Fast and reliable Internet with a computer equipped with up-to-date software
  • Quick to respond
  • Professional in all communications
  • Dependable, reliable, and discreet
  • Flexible with an ability to adapt to any situation
  • A friendly attitude

Interested in applying? This link will take you to their virtual assistant jobs application. Note that they ask for a picture of your workplace, so if you don’t have one, try making one! Even the corner of a room can work as a temporary setting for a workstation.