Freelancing Jobs Online: No Phone Required!

Freelancing Jobs Online

Let’s face it. The most common work at home jobs are phone jobs, whether it’s for customer service, technical support, telemarketing, travel, sales, or even survey work. But what if you hate being on the phone (like me!)? Or, what if you don’t have a quiet environment in which to work (a requirement for most phone jobs)? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other jobs you can do, some of which require little to no experience to get hired. That’s why I put together a list of freelancing jobs online with no phone required!

Most of this work is either part-time or freelance, and some of these categories are no more than a side income. However, sometimes a side income is all you need to stay afloat, right?

Please note that not all of these companies are currently hiring, and I do not know if/when they will be hiring. I’d bookmark anything of interest and check back periodically.


Here are some of the more popular writing companies that hire people to write blog posts, SEO content, and the like. A lot of these are what’s known as content mills, which is where a lot of people get their start in a freelance writing career. Others use these sites as a backup form of income when regular clients run dry. You can also check out my freelance company directory for a more complete list.

Search Engine Evaluation

This is a popular and highly sought after job, mainly because it pays reasonably well (about $10 to $12 per hour), the pay is steady, and the hours are flexible. Some of the companies have stricter hiring methods and tests than others, so if you pass, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Also note that you cannot work for more than one of these companies at the same time. And often, when your contract ends, you’ll have to wait a certain amount of time before reapplying.

  • ZeroChaos: If they are hiring, you will find their posts on Craigslist or sometimes  The training and testing are very easy, in comparison to the other companies listed below.
  • Leapforce: This is the main hiring arm of Google for outsourced jobs like ad raters. I have applied with them several times and never heard back. If you have been hired by Leapforce, please let me know about your experiences with them!
  • iSoftStone: Often posts at Flexjobs, which is a paid job posting website I cannot recommend highly enough. Read my review here.
  • Lionbridge: Offers a number of work at home positions that are similar to search engine and ad evaluation. From what I can gather, the training and testing are extremely difficult.
  • Appen/Butler-Hill: Also offers crowdsourcing work as well as search engine evaluation. Training and testing are often rigorous.  Read my review here.

General Transcription

These are some of the best transcription companies that hire people without much transcription experience.

Check out my list of Transcription Jobs for Newbies here for more in-depth information about some of these companies listed above. You can also find a more comprehensive list of transcription companies in my freelance company directory here.

Website Usability Testing

If you’ve ever visited a website, and wanted to give feedback about how the site looks and works, then sign up with these companies! Most of these companies pay anywhere between $8 and $15 per test taken, and pay is made through Paypal. This is more of a side income, however, as testing can fill up quickly.


Get paid to complete short tasks! Again, this is more of a source of side income, because most of the tasks only pay a few cents each. But, the tasks are easy, and they don’t require any expertise.

Virtual Assisting

This is a field where many people have success in either starting their own business, or working for other companies like those listed below:

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of non-phone jobs, but I feel like it’s a good place to start. If you have any other recommendations for finding freelancing jobs online, please let me know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Hi, great list. I just want to warn people about Appen. They are constantly reducing their hourly rate. When I was offered a job last May, it was $9. Of course I declined, because the norm for this kind of job is $12. And again I was offered a job today, and this time it was $8.50. People should be wary of this kind of behaviour from companies, because it’s freelance they think they can reduce hourly rate as much as they want. Well they can and they can increase their profit by doing so, but in the end it will mean less quality work for them and their client and nobody will benefit from that.