Want to Be a Virtual Assistant? Take These 3 Courses. Now.

Virtual Assistant Courses

Becoming a virtual assistant (or VA) is a great way to start a freelancing career, or even your own business! And here’s why:

  1. There’s a high demand for virtual assistants with the rise of the “solopreneur” who need help running their small businesses, but can’t afford to hire a full-time, in-office assistant.
  2. VAs can command a $30 to $50 per hour rate in North America, although some start out at $25 per hour and charge as much as $125 per hour.
  3. A recent survey by Elance (now upWork) showed that 69% of freelance virtual assistants are happier than working in a brick-and-mortar office.

If you’re considering becoming a virtual assistant or starting your own VA business, there are a few virtual assistant courses you should consider taking:

The Techie Mentor

This is a series of courses that I can personally attest to. I learned so many things about setting up a business (taxes, how much to charge, etc.), how to find your niche, and more specific courses once you settle on a niche (such as offering WordPress setup services, Infusionsoft management [in very high demand!], calendar management services, social media management services, etc.).

She provides a boatload of tools , templates, and checklists while she’s at it. Prices start at free for introductory materials, reasonable fees (less than $10) for informative ebooks, to a monthly fee for various types of training (self-paced, one-on-one, etc.). I paid $59 per month for the self-paced training videos, and I couldn’t be happier:


30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

This is a course offered by Gina Horkey, who successfully launched her own freelance writing and VA business. It lists everything you need to know about getting started, rates you should charge, and where to find clients. Prices range from $39 to $129, and there’s a money-back guarantee if you are not as successful as you thought you might be, given you put work into it.


Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

I love Udemy because if you look hard enough, there are amazing courses you can take for a reasonable amount of money. This one is no exception. For $97, you can take a course with rave reviews (5 stars from 10 raters) from a woman who’s a successful freelance virtual assistant.  The outline of the course includes sections learning what you need to do before opening your business, setting up your business, preparing your business for launch, and then launching your business.

Note: If this course is too expensive for now, bookmark it and wait for Udemy to have one of its $10 to $15 course sales. They do it often, trust me. 🙂


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