Where to Find Transcription Companies for Beginners

Transcription Companies for Beginners

I myself enjoy doing transcription work. It requires minimal investment, and the work can be flexible. Plus, if you like working with words, either as a writer or an editor, it can really put those skills to use.

But how do you break into the field if you’ve never done transcription? Well, this is one of those fields where you don’t necessarily need tons of experience to get in on the ground floor.

With that said, here are some transcription companies that often have transcription jobs for beginners. In most cases, a test will be required. I have not worked for these companies, except where noted.

Transcription Companies for Beginners

  1. GMR Transcription: Hires out of U.S. and Canada. Need to pass a test.
  2. Scribie: Pay rate is $10 per audio hour, provides short files of 6 minutes or less. You choose the files you want to work on.
  3. SpeechInk: They recently changed their name to SpeechPad. If you haven’t worked for them since the name change (like me), you will have to retake the assessments. Bummer. Looks like everything else is the same, though, including the style guide. All work is still done through Amazon mTurk, and I have done work with them. Read my review here.
  4. TranscribeMe: I have done work for them. A short test must be passed. Audio clips are very short, and the schedule is totally flexible. There is often no work available, however, so I wouldn’t rely on this one for a steady income.
  5. CastingWords: I have done work for them. Pay is a base rate plus a bonus, so the pay rate for a beginner transcriptionist is pretty decent if you continually rate highly on their work. The better you do, the higher your score, the better paying work you get.

I have also put together a bigger list of transcription companies that hire people to work at home. The list is broken down into companies that require little to no experience, some experience, and medical transcription companies that require extensive training. Keep in mind these companies are not always hiring, so bookmark them and keep checking!

If you have any transcription companies for beginners to list, please feel free to share them in the comments!