Smartphone Apps that Pay – Tasks & Mystery Shopping

Smartphone Apps that Pay

As a freelancer, you are always looking for ways to supplement your income. One of my favorite ways to do this is to put my smartphone to work.

In this next installment of Smartphone Apps that Pay, I do a quick rundown of four apps that pay you to perform tasks, much like mystery shopping, where you take pictures of store displays, answer questions about the store operations and products, scan barcodes, etc. Jobs pay anywhere between $2 and $220, but most are in the lower range. It’s a great and easy way to earn a little extra cash for those rainy days!


Easyshift allows you to become like a mystery shopper by accepting “tasks” at certain stores. You can also earn points by performing tasks that you can do in your own home, such as answering survey questions and taking pictures of products in your home.

Pay: In-store tasks pay $2 to $5, and the tasks that you can do in your own home are paid in points, which will increase your standing in the Easyshift community and allow you to take on more tasks at a time.

Platforms: iPhone and Android


Similar to Easyshift, FieldAgent will take you on “missions” at local stores (again, like mystery shopping). You will perform fact-finding missions and gather research on various store products, services, etc.

Pay: Jobs pay between $3 and $12 each.

Platforms: iPhone and Android


With Gigwalk, you can earn cash by finding contract work in your area as well as by taking photos of store displays, testing mobile apps, delivery services, mystery shopping, and much more.

Pay: Jobs pay between $6 and $220.

Platforms: iPhone and Android


Just like the other task-based apps, Zapiddy will pay you to gather information about products, stores, shopping experiences, and the like.

Pay: Tasks pay between $2 and $10. Each time you complete a job, you will also be contributing money to your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Platform: iPhone only

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