Ways to Earn Extra Money with Smartphone Get-Paid-To Apps

Ways to Earn Extra Money with Get-Paid-To Smartphone Apps

If you enjoy using get-paid-to websites such as InBoxDollars, InstaGC, and Swagbucks, you’ll love the fact that a lot of them have apps that let you earn money and points for rewards on the go with your smartphone.

These are all free to download, and I really enjoy the flexibility they provide…that is, I don’t feel tied down to my computer in order to earn a little extra spending cash. Here’s a list of some of my favorite smartphone apps that pay you to do things you do every day!

InBoxDollars: Earn cash using the mobile version of InBoxDollars! Use it to check your paid e-mails, take surveys, and perform web searches. iPhone and Android.

Points2Shop: This is the mobile version of the online program Points2Shop. You earn points toward any purchase at Amazon.com. iPhone and Android.

Swagbucks: Use this app to earn Swagbucks on the go! Between this and its counterpart app, SwagbucksTV app, you can earn points to redeem gift cards and PayPal cash while you are out and about. iPhone and Android.

Instant Rewards: Earn points by watching videos, completing offers, liking Facebook pages, taking surveys, and more. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and Paypal cash. iPhone only.

CheckPoints #1: Get paid to check in at stores and scan barcodes and while you are out shopping! At home, you can watch videos, complete offers, and refer friends to earn points. If you sign up, please use my code when prompted: cheshrcat. iPhone and Android.

AppJoy: Get paid to watch movie trailers and download apps for points toward Amazon.com and iTunes gift cards starting at $1! There is also an option to exchange points for Paypal cash starting at $5. iPhone only.

Fronto: This is a rewards app that’s unique to the Android platform. It pays you in points to unlock your screen by downloading and installing free apps, usually at least 200 points (one-time only). Sometimes, it awards you a small amount of points (5-10 points) without downloading/opening the app. And, last but not least, you can watch ads for apps at 10 points a pop. You can exchange points for Paypal cash, gift cards, or charity donations.

Adme: This is another Android lock screen app. This one is different in that it pays you a nominal amount of money (like a few cents) to unlock your screen. There are safeguards in place to keep people from taking advantage of the system (e.g., unlocking your screen every few seconds!). You can cash out to PayPal starting at $10.

Slidejoy: Here’s yet one more Android lock screen app. Like Adme, you get paid a nominal amount of cash for unlocking your screen, and there are safeguards in place to keep folks from taking advantage of the system. You can cash out at any time to Square Cash, PayPal, Google Play, and various charities.

What about you? Do you have any smartphone apps that you love to use as ways to make extra money? Let me know in the comments!