Simple Freelance Business Bookkeeping Tips to Keep You Sane at Tax Time

Freelance Bookkeeping Tips

Taxes, taxes, taxes. One thing about being a freelancer is, you have to pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis. For those of us used to paying taxes only once a year, that can be a daunting task. The folks over at Guerrilla Freelancing have put together some simple freelance business bookkeeping tips to help guide you through this jungle. My favorite piece of advice is #6:

Do a Little Bit Regularly instead of Everything at the End

For me, that is a challenge, because I am a famous procrastinator…especially when it comes to finances. But, I’m learning that it does pay to stay on top of things so that you’re not costing yourself tax deductions in the long run.┬áCheck out the blurb below, and then click on the article link for the full text:

If you are working as a freelancer, you’ve got a million things to worry about- getting work, completing work, billing, checking out cat pictures on Facebook, etc. Almost everything comes before worrying about keeping the books, but that becomes really painful at tax time. First, because now you have […]

What’s your favorite piece of advice?