Want to Be a Virtual Assistant? Take These 3 Courses. Now.

Virtual Assistant Courses

Becoming a virtual assistant (or VA) is a great way to start a freelancing career, or even your own business! And here’s why: There’s a high demand for virtual assistants with the rise of the “solopreneur” who need help running their small businesses, but can’t afford to hire a full-time, in-office assistant. VAs can command a $30 to $50 per … Read More

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps [TUTORIAL]

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

If you’re a freelancer, and you don’t have a Facebook business page, you’re really missing out! With over 800 million people actively using Facebook every day, it’s become a great way to market yourself and your business. Learning how to set up a Facebook business page is pretty easy after you’ve walked through the process a few times. Given Facebook comes out with new … Read More

Turn Your Closet into Cash!

online clothes consignment

Sometimes, freelancers have to get creative about earning a living, or at the very least, finding ways to supplement their income. One way to do that is to sell your gently used clothing online. No more are you required to haul your closet’s contents to your local consignment shops. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your … Read More

Smartphone Apps that Pay – Tasks & Mystery Shopping

Smartphone Apps that Pay

As a freelancer, you are always looking for ways to supplement your income. One of my favorite ways to do this is to put my smartphone to work. In this next installment of Smartphone Apps that Pay, I do a quick rundown of four apps that pay you to perform tasks, much like mystery shopping, where you take pictures of store … Read More

12 Money Saving Websites You Don’t Want to Miss

money saving websites

When you’re a freelancer, you may not have the steady paycheck you are used to, right? There could be some lean times that will require you to pinch pennies. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 12 money saving websites  I use on a regular basis that I believe will help you curb your expenses as well. … Read More