5 Reasons Why Freelancers Need a Blog

Why Freelancers Need a Blog

Are you a mom or dad who works as a freelancer? Do you have a blog? Worried that you’ll be considered just another mommy/daddy with a blog? Because let’s face it. Mommy/daddy bloggers don’t have the respect they should get. But, the good news is, just because you’re a mom or dad who wants to blog, it doesn’t mean that you need to … Read More

Simple Freelance Business Bookkeeping Tips to Keep You Sane at Tax Time

Freelance Bookkeeping Tips

Taxes, taxes, taxes. One thing about being a freelancer is, you have to pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis. For those of us used to paying taxes only once a year, that can be a daunting task. The folks over at Guerrilla Freelancing have put together some simple freelance business bookkeeping tips to help guide you through this jungle. … Read More

10 Facebook Pages for Freelancers to Follow

Facebook Pages for Freelancers

To go along with the list of 10 best Twitter accounts you should follow if you’re a freelancer, I’ve put together a list of Facebook pages for freelancers to follow. Note that these are mostly the same as the post I made about Twitter followers, but if you’re more of a Facebook person (I have to admit I am!), now … Read More

10 Best Twitter Accounts Freelancers Should Follow

Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Freelancers

While social media is definitely a distraction for anyone who works on a computer (which would be almost everyone, right?), it really holds true for us freelancers and work at homers (I’m coining a new phrase!) who rely on the Internet to make a living. So why not add some Twitter accounts to help you get a leg up on your … Read More

5 Steps to Successful Full-Time Freelancing Work

Freelancing Work

You have this dream of one day being a full-time freelancer. However, the thought of leaving your full-time job and the security it provides makes you break into a sweat. Fear not! There are steps you can take to make the transition less scary and more likely to make your transition a success. Here are 5 steps to making a … Read More