Why I Love Freelancing and Know That It’s Right for Me

why I love freelancing

I’m going to stray a little from my usual “how to” and useful lists posts and make a more personal post and write off the cuff, so to speak. This past Friday was my last day at a 9-to-5 job that I had started in September of last year. It was with a start-up company that was founded by people … Read More

How to Avoid Working with Clients from Hell

Clients from Hell

Every freelancer has worked with at least one client from hell. You know who I’m talking about. The clients who have no boundaries, expect you to work for them at all hours, and to be at their beckon call. There are also clients who are never happy with your work, and ask for revisions until your eyes go cross-eyed from … Read More

What Is a Freelancer? Part 1 – Freelance Writers

What Is a Freelancer?

So, what is a freelancer? When someone says, “I freelance for a living” most people assume that they are either freelance writers or perhaps freelance designers. But, if you look up the word “freelance” in the dictionary, it is defined as: working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company It doesn’t say anywhere that … Read More

How Much Should You Charge Your Freelancing Clients?

freelance hourly rate

What’s a good freelance hourly rate to charge? It’s the question that keeps many a freelancer up at night when they are just starting out. What if I charge too much and people will never want to hire me? What if I charge too little, and never make any money? It’s a genuine concern, and one that shouldn’t be taken … Read More

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps [TUTORIAL]

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

If you’re a freelancer, and you don’t have a Facebook business page, you’re really missing out! With over 800 million people actively using Facebook every day, it’s become a great way to market yourself and your business. Learning how to set up a Facebook business page is pretty easy after you’ve walked through the process a few times. Given Facebook comes out with new … Read More