Freelance Jobs

Work at Home and Freelance Jobs


January 6, 2017

  1. Investopedia: Freelance News Writer/Blogger
  2. Book in a Box: Editor
  3. Book in a Box: Copyeditor
  4. Book in a Box: Book Developer
  5. ArbiClaims: Content Marketing Writer
  6. Roots Rated: Photo Editor
  7. Hubstaff: Content Marketer
  8. J&J Editorial: Assistant Copy Editor
  9. Higher Skilled Freelance Writer (scroll to the bottom of the page for their job listings)
  10. Nvestly: Community Manager
  11. iSoftStone: Online Crowd Worker
  12. Hotjar: Editor and Content Strategist
  13. Culture Trip: Content Editor
  14. Coletti Coffee: Blogger for Artisan Coffee Website
  15. SFG Media Group: Freelance Recipe Developer – Comfort Foods

January 3, 2017

  1. Fractl: Digital Journalist
  2. Curriculum: High School English Assessment Writer
  3. AMI: Remote Transcriber
  4. VeracityColab: Writer – Contract
  5. Upfeat: Deal Editor
  6. StaffAway: Proposal Writer
  7. KGS: Technical Writer
  8. Salesforce: Senior Content Writer
  9. Mic: Trending Arts Editor
  10. Mic: Money Writer
  11. Content Producer
  12. Kaplan: Content Developer
  13. Kaplan: Technical Editor
  14. Boundless Health: Health Blog Writer
  15. Writers in Various Niches
  16. Content Blogger
  17. Yoga Writer
  18. Wired Rhino: Digital Software and Service Reviewers/Writers
  19. Dr. Christine Kaczmar: Edgy Health Writer
  20. Higher Self Media: Guest Poster