Freelance Writing Companies


Here’s a list of companies that hire freelance writers. I’ve broken them down into sites that pay you up front, and sites that pay you with revenue share (meaning you get paid depending on how much traffic your work gets).

Please note that the vast majority of these companies may not always be hiring, and they could have a wait list. I’d bookmark these and keep checking back!

Up-Front Pay Sites

  1. A Pass Education:  This company offers educational assessment writing jobs. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree required plus 2-5 hours of availability per day.
  2. Academic Experts: Must have a PhD or a master’s degree. Pays $7 to $31 per page, depending on the subject. (Makes me wish I had more than a BA in history!)
  3. Airbnb: They sometimes have openings for remote creative writers for their site in various languages.
  4. AutoShopper: Open to writers in the US, UK, and Canada. This car-related website hires editorial writers. Must have expert-level knowledge about automobiles. Pays $10 to $20 per article.
  5. Appingo
  6. Article Document
  7. Article Sale: This is more of an article marketplace where the site promotes your articles for you.
  8. Beacon Fire
  9. BKA Content
  10. BlogMutt: Write blog posts for businesses, and if the business likes and uses your post, you get paid.
  11. Buy Keyword Articles
  12. Consumer Search
  13. Content Blvd.: Provides outsourced guest posting for blogs. They pay you once your post is accepted by one of their clients. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or those authorized to work in the U.S. can apply.
  14. Content Divas: They will assign you packages to write.
  15. Content Runner: On this website, you can write articles and post them for sale.
  16. CopyPress: Also hires editors
  17. Cracked: Claims to pay you $100 for your first approved article. You will also get a byline, so it could be good for exposure.
  18. Demand Media
  19. Distance Web: They hire experienced copywriters desired for  for ads, web sites, and email marketing initiatives.
  20. Dragonfly Freelance
  21. EditFast
  22. EduWriters: Provides custom research, writing, and editing services to students and professionals. Must have a college degree. Writers earn $7 to $15 per page.
  23. Ezdia
  24. Get a Copywriter: Pays $5 to $9 per 100 words of copywriting.
  25. GoDotMedia
  26. Great Content: This company is always looking for American writers. If you’re in the UK, you can apply here.
  27. Green Light Articles
  28. HireWriters: Get paid up to $20 per article plus bonus payments from clients when you do a good job. They also hire for proofreading, research, and article rewriting. Starting pay is rather low, but you can get higher rates as you improve your ratings. There is lots of work available.
  29. The Hoth: Regularly hires native English speaking writers to create SEO content.
  30. IndieMade
  31. Internet Brands
  32. iWriter: Writers get paid 81% of the price for each article after PayPal transaction fees and Copyscape checks. Final payments are also based on the level of writer you are. You are paid when an article is accepted by the requester.
  33. iWorkwell
  34. Kirkus Media
  35. Lifehack
  36. Life Tips
  37. Listverse
  38. Live Career: Hires freelance resume writers and CV editors.
  39. LovetoKnow: Pay varies per article submitted, anywhere between $15 and $50.
  40. Matador: Travel website that pays up to $25 per article.
  41. Need an Article
  42. Newscastic: Find writing assignments for various areas in the US open to journalists. Very neatly organized with information, including pay, next to each assignment post.
  43. NewsModo: Get paid if your story pitch is accepted by news publishers. Pay depends on the story that the publisher pitches.
  44. Oatmeal Studios: Greeting card site that accepts submissions.
  45. Online Writing Jobs: Used to be called Quality Gal. Get paid up to $50 an article. Weekly payments made via Paypal or mailed check.
  46. PureContent: Also hires editors. Knowledge of UK English a plus.
  47. Scripted: Pays you to write tweets, blog articles, and Facebook posts.
  48. Red Tricycle: Accepts articles on parenting, pays around $50 per article with byline included.
  49. Resume Edge: Requires experience for writing and editing resumes.
  50. RiseSmart: Another company that hires resume writers.
  51. Scripted
  52. Search Influence
  53. Search Sciences
  54. Skyword
  55. SmartBrief
  56. Student Experts
  57. Skyword
  58. Talent, Inc.
  59. Textbroker
  60. Textbroker UK
  61. Textmaster
  62. The Content Authority
  63. The Expeditioner
  64. Tripbase
  65. WL Marketing
  66. TripleCurve
  67. WordGigs
  68. Words of Worth
  69. World Start
  71. Writer Access
  74. Zen Content

Revenue Share Paying Sites

  1. All Voices: Offers writers performance-based pay.
  2. Hubpages: Your articles will pay you revenue generated from Adsense, Kontera, and Amazon. Earn ongoing revenue share for publishing hubs through Adsense, Kontera, and Amazon.
  3. News for Shoppers: You get paid 70% in Adsense revenue for writing about products, stores, consumer topics, and the like.
  4. Best Reviewer: You write top 10 lists and get paid in Adsense revenue.
  5. InfoBarrel
  6. Wise Bread: Write for this high-ranking personal finance blog, and get paid 100% of the royalties your content generates in ad revenue.


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