Where to Find Free Samples to Review on Your Blog

Free Samples

Free SamplesIf you’re a sample junkie or you just enjoy reviewing the newest and latest products on the market on your blog, check out this list of product testing sites that will send you free samples and sometimes full-size products for you to review on your blog and/or social media sites.

I myself have gotten tons of samples from just two of the below sites: Smiley360 and Influenster. Just last month, I got a huge box full of P&G products like Vidal Sassoon hair color, Olay body wash, and more. And last year, I got a free Vicks cool mist vaporizer to try out and review. Not bad, huh?

Keep in mind that you may not always qualify for the product tests, and you are not compensated in cash for your reviews. However, you can sometimes get great products that you might otherwise have bought in the store!

[row] [/row]Some of these companies will also send you coupons or coupon links to share with your friends and followers as a way to promote your review and their product at the same time. Sign up with as many as you can for the maximum amount of product opportunities, but be careful not to forego writing your reviews! Some companies may not look upon that too favorably and will no longer send samples.

Am I missing any websites that send free samples? Let me know in the comments!