Free Printable Checklist for Bloggers – What to Do Before You Publish Your Post

Free Printable Checklist for Bloggers

You’ve slaved long and hard over your new blog post, and you’re about to press Publish.

But wait! There are a few things you should check before doing so. Here’s a free printable checklist for bloggers that you can download and refer to when you need it.

Some items I cover in the checklist will help your SEO, improve your readability, promote your posts on social media, and increase your audience reach. I’m also a big stickler for proofreading your work for grammar, so you’ll find that in the checklist as well.

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Before You Post

  1. Grammar/spell check
  2. Analyze title at
  3. Make sure keyword appears at least two times in your post
  4. Add keyword to post title
  5. Check off categories & add tags
  6. Optimize SEO according to your plugin’s standards
  7. Add a featured image and add keyword to ALT text
  8. Add links to other content or categories in your blog
  9. Add affiliate links (optional)
  10. Use H1 and H2 heads as needed
  11. Break up long paragraphs into short ones
  12. Include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end (newsletter, comment on post, etc.)
  13. Add image credits, if needed

After You Post

  1. Re-read for grammar and spelling
  2. Submit post to social media accounts
  3. Respond to any comments on
    your blog
  4. Check social media accounts for
    any interaction and respond as
  5. See if older posts can be linked to current post
  6. Check blog analytics to see how your post is doing
  7. Check social media analytics to see how much reach you’re getting
  8. Consider making your post a part of a series
  9. Repost as needed on social media

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