How to Earn Money Reviewing Music

Earn Money Reviewing Music

Are you a music lover? Ever wish you could write music reviews and get paid for it, or better yet, listen to it? While most of these companies are not going to pay you enough to make a living, they are fun ways to earn extra money reviewing music of new and upcoming artists. Some pay in PayPal cash, while others pay in points and/or gift cards. Here are the five that I know of. If there are any others, please do share in the comments below!

  • Slice the Pie: Write reviews of new artists, and write short reviews for each song you hear. Reviews must be of high quality.
  • Music Xray: This is a company that invites you via email to participate in focus groups.
  • Hit Predictor: Listen to music and provide feedback for points you can redeem for rewards.
  • Research fm: With this company, you must wait for an invite when they are accepting new invitations. If you are lucky enough to get in, you will get paid in Amazon gift codes for your participation.

If you are serious about writing music reviews, perhaps you should consider starting your own music review blog (click here for my blogging tips posts) or else keep your eyes open for music review job postings on my weekly work-at-home job postings page here.

Also, you can make a small passive income by listening to the radio at You can earn points for rewards directly through them, or you can also use the service in conjunction with your favorite get-paid-to sites. Mine are and Swagbucks, both of which are affiliated with Radioloyalty.

What about you? Do you know of any other websites that pay you to review or listen to music? Let us all know in the comments!