Rev Transcription Review: A Company for Freelance Transcription Jobs

Freelance Transcription Jobs

While I have not personally worked for, I thought I’d write a review of it using whatever information I could find online about it for those interested in freelance transcription jobs. A lot has been taken from’s website, but I have found a few reviews of it elsewhere and included the information here. Rev Transcription Review Rev Transcription … Read More

Where to Find Transcription Companies for Beginners

Transcription Companies for Beginners

I myself enjoy doing transcription work. It requires minimal investment, and the work can be flexible. Plus, if you like working with words, either as a writer or an editor, it can really put those skills to use. But how do you break into the field if you’ve never done transcription? Well, this is one of those fields where you … Read More

WorldWide101 Review: A Place to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant Jobs at WorldWide101

WorldWide101 is a company that often posts virtual assistant jobs for their clients. If you’re interested in working for them, check out the brief WorldWide101 review I’ve written below. What is working for WorldWide101 like? So far, everything I’ve read about working there is positive. They provide a great deal of training, and the support staff is top-notch. If you are hired, you … Read More

Website and App Usability Testing: A Legitimate Side Income Source

Website Testing

I’ve had my fair share of dry spells when it comes to freelancing. That’s where side income sources like website and app usability testing companies come in. Have you ever gone to a website and found it difficult to navigate? A lot of the bigger companies like to perform usability tests on how easy or hard it is to navigate … Read More

Writing for A Crowdsource Review

Crowdsource Review

When someone sets out to write as a career, I’m pretty sure that writing for content mills isn’t high on that someone’s list. The pay stinks, and you are often subjected to odd subject requests and even more arbitrary style guide rules. However, not all content mills are alike, and some pay a halfway decent rate. (Of course, my definition … Read More