The Top Freelance Job Sites Where You Can Find Work

Freelance Job Sites

If you enjoy freelance work, whether it’s writing, design, transcription, data entry, or even programming, there are more than a few freelance job sites where you can find work. The freelance marketplaces I have listed below are all fairly similar in how they operate (you bid on available work), and most of them are open worldwide. Methods of pay vary, and some … Read More

Get Hired for Internet and Ad Rater Jobs – An Appen Review

Ad Rater Jobs

Appen is a company that prides itself on hiring remote workers, all over the world. Formed in 2011 with the merger of Appen Pty Ltd. and the Butler Hill Group, it provides customer services in information collection, transcription, data annotation, search engine evaluation, and linguistic consulting in more than 120 languages and dialects. It’s one of the bigger companies where … Read More

Common Work at Home Jobs for Anyone Who’s New to the WAH Life

Common Work at Home Jobs

If you’re new to the search for ways to work from home, here are a few of the most common work at home jobs. That’s why you see a lot of these types of jobs posted on my Work at Home Jobs page. While some jobs require training and certifications (such as teaching and medical transcription), others can be done … Read More

Triple Curve Review: A Freelance Writing Company

freelance writing

At one point in time, I was contacted by Triple Curve to apply for some writing and editing jobs that they had coming up. As such, I did a little bit of research on them before I applied, and I thought I’d share that information. Triple Curve is a freelance writing company that hires freelance writers and editors on and … Read More

Working as a Search Engine Evaluator – An iSoftStone Review

iSoftstone Review

Web search evaluators and ad raters are highly sought after positions, and with good reason! The pay is halfway decent, somewhere in the range of $12 to $15 per hour, and in most cases, you can set your own hours as long as you work the required number of hours. While this is contract work, unless you are hired by ZeroChaos … Read More