Jobs You Can Do from Home: Online Community Moderators

Jobs You Can Do from Home: Online Community Moderators


What does an online community moderator do?

If you’re interested in jobs you can do from home, being an online community moderator is something you should consider because the work is flexible and it doesn’t have a whole lot of requirements.

As an online community moderator, you monitor online communities such as social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), forums, chat rooms, or anywhere there is a chance for people to gather online and voice their opinions. You would often answer questions and review comments to make sure they adhere to the community’s guidelines. If you find that someone has violated the terms, you have the power to delete posts and in severe cases, ban users.

Where can I find online community moderator jobs?

If this type of work is of interest to you, there are a number of companies that sometimes hire community moderators. The pay depends on the company, but it is somewhere in the $8 to $12 per hour range. They are not always hiring, and competition can be fierce. If I could find reviews about working as a community moderator for a particular company, I have provided a link in the description.

My advice is to bookmark the following hiring pages and keep checking back:

  1. Contract positions only.
  2. BabyCenter: Full-time contract positions. Not always hiring. Some experience preferred.
  3. eModeration: Often hires moderators.
  4. ICUC:  This company does not require prior experience, and they provide training. US and Canada residents only.
  5. Ignite Social Media: US residents only.
  6. Lithium: Experience required.
  7. Live World: They are often hiring, and they do not require experience. Read reviews here.
  8. Metaverse Mod Squad: Enterprise companies work with Metaverse to provide moderation services for digital content, child safety, message board, and chat room moderation services. Read reviews about working for this company here.
  9. Yelp: Yelp does hire moderators on a regular basis, but they hire regionally (for obvious reasons). Just navigate to the Jobs page under the Community heading to see if they are hiring in your area.
  10. Zynga: This online gaming empire sometimes hires community moderators to moderate forums. Some past experience is required.

Search for more community moderator jobs you can do from home on Indeed.