Common Work at Home Jobs for Anyone Who’s New to the WAH Life

Common Work at Home Jobs

If you’re new to the search for ways to work from home, here are a few of the most common work at home jobs. That’s why you see a lot of these types of jobs posted on my Work at Home Jobs page.

While some jobs require training and certifications (such as teaching and medical transcription), others can be done with very little in the way of experience, such as writing and phone work. Check out this list below and see if any of these flexible jobs are of interest to you. As always, good luck!


You can earn a living by listening to audio and then typing, or transcribing, what you hear into text. With that said, if you’re a fast, accurate typist with a good ear, then you will probably make an excellent transcriptionist. There are three main types of transcription – legal, medical, and general. For legal and most especially medical, you will need training in order to get hired. Experience is a necessity in those fields. For general transcription, training is not necessarily a requirement, and the types of transcription vary widely (think lectures, interviews, podcasts, board meetings, and the like). Check out my posts about Transcription for Newbies, and my page with transcription companies broken down by type and experience.

Phone Support

When you hear phone work, you probably think of telemarketing. While that is one legitimate form of phone work that pays, there is also customer service work, technical support work, and travel agency work. More and more companies are hiring people to work from home as full-time employees, as long as they have a quiet place to work in to avoid background noise. You must also be able to meet various technical requirements, such as a secure home computer, high-speed Internet, a headset, and a landline (although a few companies do not require this). There is a great list of companies that often have phone support jobs available at’s Work at Home page.


These days, making money as a writer is not as hard as it used to be. With the advent of content mills, even novice writers can earn a few bucks here and there for their work, and learn how to improve their writing along the way so that they can increase their earnings. If you’re just getting started, check out my post about freelance writing, and then check out my page of companies that often hire writers.

Virtual Assisting

A lot of smaller businesses are starting to hire virtual administrative assistants to help with things such as appointment setting, bookkeeping, social media, answering e-mails and phone calls, etc. While you could start your own VA business, there are a few places that hire VAs such as FancyHands and Zirtual. If you already have experience as an administrative assistant, project coordinator, social media coordinator, and the like, then you probably already possess the mad skillz you need to seek out work as a virtual assistant. Here are a few companies that often hire VAs.

IT Work – Programming

While I don’t feature a lot of IT work on this site, I think I may make a separate board for “techie” jobs for those with programming experience (think Java, Perl, Python, etc.), because there are TONS of these types of jobs available to those seeking to work at home. This is a field that does require training, but you do not necessarily need a degree. There are some free and low cost training websites such as Codeacademy and Udemy that you can try to see if picking up a programming language (or two…or three!) is for you.

Education – Teaching, Tutoring, and Test Scoring

Put your college degree or teaching certification to work for you by becoming an online teacher and/or tutor. Lots of schools and tutoring companies hire on a regular basis, and you can check out my list of them on this page here. And, there are some testing companies that hire scorers such as ETS and Pearson for both the ACT and SAT standardized tests. 

Of course, there are more types of common work at home jobs, so don’t fret if you don’t see anything on here that appeals to you. I hope to make another post with other fields of interest, so stay tuned!

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