How to Avoid Working with Clients from Hell

Clients from Hell

Every freelancer has worked with at least one client from hell. You know who I’m talking about. The clients who have no boundaries, expect you to work for them at all hours, and to be at their beckon call. There are also clients who are never happy with your work, and ask for revisions until your eyes go cross-eyed from staring at your computer screen 24/7. You start to wonder if you made the right decision to be a freelancer because of them…and that cannot happen!

So, what can you do about it? Some of the best advice I’ve read comes from this post (see below) by Marisa Morby, which originally appeared on FreelancersUnion.

Sitting down for a first meeting with a client still makes my heart pound, my palms get kind of sweaty, and this weird thing starts happening where I can’t swallow… and I’m suddenly extremely thirsty.

Basically, when I meet with clients for the first time, we’re interviewing each other. And being interviewed stresses me out, so I spend the conversation feeling self-conscious rather than focusing on whether or not this client is someone with whom I want to work.

…And that’s how you end up with a crazy client. The one that messages you with something “urgent” at 3 am. Or doesn’t understand that they can’t text you every time they have a question, or demands that they be cc’d on ALL communications. …

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